Karíkia (Καρίκια)
Karíkia (Καρίκια)
Karíkia (Καρίκια)
Karíkia (Καρίκια)
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Karíkia (Καρίκια)

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Tobacco farming has been, especially during last century, one of the major sources of income and livelihood for many farmers and families in Northern Greece.

I’ve been told multiple stories with regard to the very sophisticated, extremely demanding and complex procedure from cultivation to crop of tobacco from my ancestors.
Drawing inspiration from those stories and visiting some of the remaining crops fields myself I decided to create an incredibly complex tobacco based composition.

Karíkia (Καρίκια in Greek) were land ramps that were precisely created after loosening and turning the soil at least twice with wooden and iron ploughs.
That’s where the seedlings were carefully planted when they reached 10 to 15cm height after the initial planting of the seeds in sunlight and rain protected nurseries.
In this creation you will experience multiple facets created by dry and earthy, sweet and resinous and also bright, foresty and aldehydic notes.

25% Concentration, 30ml

Notes de:

Tête: Aldehydes, Blood Orange, Acacia, English Oakwood, Saffron.

Cœur: Tobacco Leaves, Blue Tansy, Boronia Absolute, Omani Frankincense, Madagascan Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Hinoki Wood, White Cypress, Bois de Siam, Mahogany, Virginia Cedarwood.

Fond: Bulgarian Tobacco Absolute, Hazelnut Sirup Pancake, Madagascan Vanilla Absolute, Tonka Beans Absolute, French Hay Absolute, Beeswax Absolute, Castoreum (Recreation), Australian Sandalwood Spicatum, Ambergris.

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*Disclaimer: Karíkia is not a perfume but an artisanal and artistic olfactory creation. Some ingredients' proportions might slightly exceed IFRA Category 4 Standards (Hydroalcoholic Fragrance of all types) and thresholds for potential allergens in this category. Regardless, all ingredients used, naturals and aroma chemicals, are totally safe.