Legal notice

Angelos Créations Olfactives is a one man business. I do my absolute best to provide reasonable handling times and process your order as soon as possible. Nevertheless, in case of a small delay caused by any unforeseen factor in dispatching or processing your order kindly show some understanding. One thing for sure I will arrange everything fist chance I get.


 **All orders placed via, will be shipped from Greece**

We, at Angelos Créations Olfactives, usually ship goods  4 to 6 work days after we receive your order, but this might be subject to change depending on unforeseen factors that are out of our hands and Holidays. In any case, we will try to update handling times at our announcement bar on top of our page, so kindly check for any potential change before you proceed with any purchase.

!! Most items for sale on our website, are limited to 1 (one) or maximum 2 (two) per variant per order and the total of items available per purchase per order is limited to 3 (three) or 4 (four) per order. If we see duplicate and/ or multiple orders coming from the same individual and/ or area, we will investigate and if we suspect they are placed for resell purposes or for selling in grey market in general, they will be cancelled and refunded immediately and without any further explanation. For bigger quantity orders you can contact us, strictly at and only if you are a registered business with valid VAT we can discuss potential cooperation. Messages in Angelos Créations Olfactives Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram etc) concerning those matters mentioned above will be disregarded and will not receive a reply. Messages with persistent (or not) discount requests will be disregarded as well. Kindly keep in mind Angelos Créations Olfactives is a small and one man operated business. Thanks for understanding !!

Delivery time via Postal Services (Registered mail with tracking number) usually takes from 1 to 3 weeks for EU recipients (depends on the EU country) and 2 to 4 weeks for the rest of the world, but this is always subject to any change as it is out of our hands as soon as your parcel is handed over to the shipping provider. Therefore, unexpected delays may occur due to Holidays, bad weather conditions, health emergencies or other unpredictable factors.

Your parcel will ALWAYS come with a tracking number, but kindly keep in mind that some countries do not support tracking numbers (Canada and Australia that Im aware) that come from abroad or overseas. In any case and if your parcel has not arrived after 6 weeks of shipping confirmation, please contact us and we will do our best to provide any assistance.

UPDATE June 22, 2022: We can also ship full bottles purchases (ONLY FOR THE EU at the moment: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) via  DHL Express in a very competitive price with delivery times 1-3 work days.

Kindly be informed that as soon as your parcel is handed over to the shipping provider, we CANNOT be held accountable for any potential loss and/or damage of your parcel or for any potential complementary customs fees, taxes and/ or delays that might occur when the parcel enters your country.

Currently we do not accept returns.


Lastly, Kindly be aware that during check out you type totally correct your shipping address!! Otherwise and in case you type your shipping address wrongly we at Angelos Créations Olfactives CANNOT be held accountable for any inconvenience and incapability of your National Postal services to deliver your parcel. Kindly also be aware of your National Postal Services work days that your parcel can be held at their premises for you to pick up, in case you are absent, as if this time period passes, they usually return the parcel(s) back to us and it is NOT guaranteed that we will actually receive them. In both mentioned cases above and if your parcel(s) are returned back to us, we, at Angelos Créations Olfactives CANNOT be held accountable for that  and in rare cases and only if the product(s) return in one piece and untainted, after we inspect them, we will consider refund you (only for the product(s) price and not for the shipping costs).

Order Cancellation:

You are elegible to cancel your order only in a short period (maximum 10 hours after placing it) and only if the order is not already shipped. If you order is already shipped by the time you decide that you might want to cancel your it, there is NO availability of cancellation and refund.

Cancellation and refund of your order will be subject to a small fee, that payment providers ( Stripe or Paypal) apply to your payment when you place your order and is being charded regardless to Angelos Créations Olfactives.


I personally inspect, filter, bottle and package every single creation that will come to your possession. I also disinfect every single bottle before filling and placing the stamp. The bottles come in a box with foam inside and I use a lot of bubblewrap. The odds are that you will always receive everything in perfect condition.

Currently, Angelos Créations Olfactives does not offer refunds, but in the extremely rare and unfortunate scenario my creations arrive with any crack on the bottle or any leak, caused by transport, kindly send me all info and pictures via email at : and I will definitely work on the most convenient and best possible solution.

Disclaimer & safety:

Angelos Créations Olfactives compositions are not perfumes but artisanal and artistic olfactory creations. Some ingredients' proportions might slightly exceed IFRA Category 4 Standards (Hydroalcoholic Fragrance of all types) and thresholds for potential allergens in this category. Regardless, all ingredients used, naturals and aroma chemicals, are totally safe. No Animal products used (unless otherwise specified).

If you wish to apply my compositions on skin, do so at your own responsibility initially only applying in a small area on your skin, In the extremely rare and unlikely event redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, stop using the products immediately and wash with soap and water to clean the affected area. If self treatment is not effective, consult your medical provider.

Angelos Créations Olfactives compositions are not for consumption and should always be kept away and out of reach of children. The compositions are made of fine and totally safe raw materials, of exceptional quality, both natural and synthetics. Regardless, if you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition and you are under medical treatment that you believe it might be affected by fragrant compositions made by the above mentioned materials, kindly ask your medical provider before using them.

All media, files, photos, logos and text, descriptions, information used on this website are property of Angelos Créations Olfactives and are protected by international copyright laws.

Angelos Créations Olfactives reserves the right to change shipping policies and general Terms & Conditions without any prior notice. Kindly check the header of the website in order to stay up to date with any potential change.

By placing any order you agree with and are aware of all terms & conditions, legal notices, shipping and all policies as long as disclaimers Angelos Créations Olfactives has provided on this website.