Après Cologne
Après Cologne
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Après Cologne

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A classic Cologne structure is always something I enjoy regardless the season. It always brings back memories of my dearest father, grandfather and is significantly associated with my Mediterranean heritage.

In this composition I used traditional techniques implementing my proprietary citrus accord with 7 different citrus oils, but also gave a modern twist using Greek Sea Fennel oil-which I adore- and rich in Irones Orris Butter along with Sandalwood Oils, a more aromatic and less phenolic than the usual Tea Tree Oil and Cistus Absolute.

25% Concentration, 30ml

Notes de:

Tête: Lemon. Bergamot, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Sweet Orange, Red Mandarine. 

Cœur: Neroli from Morocco, Orris Butter, Petitgrain Bigaratier, Sea Fennel. 

Fond: Musk, Tea tree, Vetiver Java, Santalum Spicatum, Cistus Absolute, White Ambergris  Tincture.

*** 2 complimentary samples with every order including at least one full bottle. Limited to one per creation. Kindly write your preferred sample choices in the notes section in your cart before checkout

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*Disclaimer: Après Cologne is not a perfume but an artisanal and artistic olfactory creation. Some ingredients' proportions might slightly exceed IFRA Category 4 Standards (Hydroalcoholic Fragrance of all types) and thresholds for potential allergens in this category. Regardless, all ingredients used, naturals and aroma chemicals, are totally safe.