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*IMPORTANT NOTICE* For the following days the website and ordering ability will remain open, but I am taking a small break, thus all orders placed from Friday, May 26th 00:01am EEST (Greece Time) until Monday, June 5th will be shipped starting from Tuesday, June 6th. Kindly take under consideration this handling and shipping delay before you place your order. Thank you!

This is the concoction I'm most proud of and it is definitely the most precious one as it is dedicated to the memory of my beloved grandmother, my Angel, Angeliki ❤

The inspiration comes from her gracious life, always being the most kind and courteous person and always showing care and love to everyone around her.
She adored vintage and luscious Chypré perfumes so choosing to create a Chypré concoction in her memory was the only way to go.

It will drop, God Willing, every year on the 21st of May, the day my lovely passed away and for only 104 numbered bottles; 104 were the years she lived.

God Bless you my sweetheart for the eternal inspiration and all the love you showed me ❤

25% Concentration, 30ml

Notes de:

Tête: Apricot, Pomelo (Corse), Bergamote (Calabria), Black Pepper (Madagascar), Aldehydes. 

Cœur: Wisteria, Freesia, Lilac, Jasminum Grandiflorum Absolute (Egypt), Rose Damascena Absolute (Turkey), Muguet, Rosewood (Brasil), Oakwood, Carnation. 

Fond: Oakmoss Absolute, Musk, Castoreum (Reco.), Civet (Synthetic), Buddha Wood (Australia), Black Sacra (Oman), Agarwood (Malaysia), Beeswax Absolute (Laos), Ambrette Seed Oil (Peru), Tonka Beans Tincture, Benzoin (Siam), Tolu Balsam, Opoponax Oil (Ethiopia), Patchouli EO & Absolute, Labdanum Absolute (Spain), Santalum Spicatum (Australia), Santalum Album (East India). 

*** 2 complimentary samples with every order including at least one full bottle. Limited to one per creation. Kindly write your preferred sample choices in the notes section in your cart before checkout

You can choose from the following ( Update April 27 2023):

  • Après Cologne
  • Irida
  • Figue De Vertu
  • Eau De Vertu
  • Fougèriste
  • Yassemi
  • Salon dt
  • Tabac Libre
  • Grâce D' Orient
  • Vetiveria Animalis


*Disclaimer: Angeliki is not a perfume but an artisanal and artistic olfactory creation. Some ingredients' proportions might slightly exceed IFRA Category 4 Standards (Hydroalcoholic Fragrance of all types) and thresholds for potential allergens in this category. Regardless, all ingredients used, naturals and aroma chemicals, are totally safe.