Un An Anniversaire Attar
Un An Anniversaire Attar
Un An Anniversaire Attar
Un An Anniversaire Attar
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Un An Anniversaire Attar

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Un An Anniversaire Attar after such huge demand is coming back for only 15 (3ml) bottles!

It will come in a different bottle and box compared to the initial drop but the presentation will be as opulent if not more....

Now readily available!

To honor this first successful year of angelosolfactives.com website, I created this special Attar, using almost 95% natural and undiluted raw materials, Absolutes, Essential Oils and Tinctures that I have been macerating for more than 3 years and kept for a very important occasion like this! 50% of the formula is a blend of Natural Sandalwood Oils!

The natural raw materials I used, are some of my most favorite to work with!

Thank you so much for the love and support throughout this year! Enjoy and celebrate with me 🙏


  • 3ml Glass Bottle with Roll on (extra plastic tip) thick quality black carton box with the metal logo and black suede pouch.

Complimentary engraving on the bottle option up to 5 characters. Write down your choice at the notes section during checkout!

100% Concentrate.

Notes de:

Greek Saffron Strands (Krokus Kozani), Aged Agarwood Oil from Cambodia, Agarwood Oil from Thailand, Jasmine Sambac Absolute from India, Rosa Damascena Essential Oil from Bulgaria, Rosa Alba Essential Oil, Rosa Damascena Absolute from Turkey, Osmanthus Absolute from China, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute from Egypt, Beeswax Absolute from France, Pine Needles and Virginian Cedarwood Co Extraction Oil, Black Sacra Tears Tincture from Oman, Santalum Album from East India, Santalum Lanceolatum and Santalum Spicatum from Australia, Deadwood, Tonka Beans Tincture, Tonka Beans Absolute.

*** 2 complimentary samples with every order including at least one full bottle. Limited to one per creation. Kindly write your preferred sample choices in the notes section in your cart before checkout

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*Disclaimer: Un An Anniversaire D' Angelos Créations Olfactives Attar is not a perfume but an artisanal and artistic olfactory creation. It is a mostly natural composition and undiluted 100% concentrate, therefore, there might be some materials that may cause minor irritation to some individuals when/ if applied on skin. You are advised to initially try only a tiny swipe (drop) and in the extremely rare and unlikely event redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, you should stop using the product on skin immediately and wash with soap and water to clean the affected area.

Regardless, all ingredients used, naturals and aroma chemicals, are totally safe.

Minor filtering process has been occured in order to maintain and attain all the natural aspects. Therefore, in case you encounter some sediments at the bottom of the vial it will be totally normal.